Best Practice in AM Process Selection - eLearning Course

On this compact four-module course you will learn how to select the most appropriate technology for a given requirements capture. Includes our unique two-stage process selection tool which helps narrow down the available processes on a total of 18 criteria. Our methodology can also be used to select the most appropriate machine in a given technology. You will then put your skills to the test and apply this information to realistic interactive scenarios.

Target Audience: Engineers and decision-makers who are interested in adopting AM and wish to apply best-practice process-selection methodology to meet the requirements capture of their products.

Can you…

1. Define the ASTM standardisation of the 7 processes in order to categorise the technologies.
2. Identify the methodology used to categorise the processes 
3. Compare the 7 processes on their technology, applications and output
4. Examine the four-stage method of selecting the most suitable process for a particular requirement
5. Compare the 7 processes through a primary and secondary downselection process
6. Apply the process selection method to case studies using primary and secondary downselection outcomes

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