Implementing Robotics into your Business - Blended Learning Course

Part-1: On-line eLearning Module (0.5hrs duration)

To be completed prior to Part 2

This eLearning module takes the seemingly complex subject matter, and through the use of engaging animations, video and interactive activities, simplifies the content to make it easy to digest whilst you learn at your own pace.

 Part-2: Face-to-Face Workshop at the MTC Coventry (8hrs duration)

This workshop takes you through the entire process of implementing automation within your business. During the session you will:

  • Review real-life case studies of automation in use and identify the benefits realised
  • Have peer-to-peer discussions will other course delegates to explore both the tangible and intangible benefits of implementing automation
  • Working in groups to explore the various barriers to implementing automation and agreeing how best to overcome or mitigate them.
  • Learn the techniques and key factors used to evaluate if automation is viable, then apply those techniques to industry-based case studies
  • Identify the various factors that need to be considered when performing a return-on-investment (ROI) analysis, then apply those factors within a business case
  • Work through each step of the implementation process and practice using the associated tools and techniques within each step
  • The workshop concludes with the issuing of a work based exercise that is designed to help you apply the techniques learnt during the workshop within the real world

 Part-3: On-line Webinar (1.5hrs duration)

Scheduled approx. 2 weeks after part 2

A live webinar session covering the latest innovations in intelligent automation. Learn about the main concepts of Artificial Intelligence, Cobots and Data mining and gain expert insight in where the technologies discussed will lead us.

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